For 20 years on the market we published more than 500 books. We opened new names of Ukrainian bestselling authors. We translated the works such authors as: Martha Hall Kelly (Lilac Girls), Alex Garland (The Beach), Anna K. Shevchenko (Bequest, The Game), Muriel Barbery (The elegance of the Hedgehog), David Foenkinos (Nos séparations), Philipppe Labro (Les Gens), Juli Zeh (Adler und Engel), Delphine de Vigan (Les Heures souterraines), Manuela Gretkowska (Europejka, Polka), Chris Tvedt (Fare for gjentakelse) and others.

Our authors are winners and shortlisted of the national literary contests and prizes, such as “Crowning the Word”, “Book of the year” of BBC, “The Best Ukrainian Book” of the “Correspondent” magazine and others.

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